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and she has better taste lmao, Siwan (rip) Dara is smart enough to not involve herself with someone like that, I would think.

G-dragon in the past said Sulli was cute when asked which asked which specific girl in a girlgroup he found cute, so when dating rumors recently came up, Netizens wasted no time especially because of the finger kiss in the past Fans are saying they believe Choiza and her broke up, saying she’s posting these type of videos on instagram Which she’s also getting attacked for, they’re saying if she has a boyfriend she shouldn’t be posting things like that.

G-Dragon keeps Dara close to him — like a boyfriend! Some fans swear it’s a split-second kiss, although it looks more like he’s simply speaking to her…or just, you know, turning his head.

YG Entertainment, noticing the immediate explosion of noise surrounding the two superstars online, issued a statement today (Jan.

Accordingly, opposing their romantic relationship after showing their intimacy does not effectually tune out their dating rumor.

Recently, their encounter in Big Bang MADE Tour after party once again created quite a stir.

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