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Would you like to know who made the most money last year? Haha just kidding, she probably did not make the most money last year.No, the actual top earner was Robert Downey, Jr., who raked in the cash (M of it, to be exact) via his Marvel movies Iron Man 3 and residuals from The Avengers.Slide the booklet into the tray so the challenge shows through the slot.Fit the cover over the tray so only challenge 1A is showing, grab the five depicted noodles, and then arrange them to completely fill up the empty space. Slide the cover over to challenge 1B to add more space and another noodle to throw into the mix.Each challenge brings more space to fill and more conundrum thrills!3D Puzzles: Launch visual-spatial brain busting into a whole other dimension!

She has allegedly dated Charlie Puth, Gregg Sulkin, Tristan Klier and Kenton Duty.

If this sounds tough, then you're in for a surprise - There's a LOT more where that came from!

Sliding 2D Puzzles: The special sliding case provides a whole new way to test your skills.

He also allegedly rented out a restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday for a date night with Lopez and a group of his closest friends.2.

They're both newly single Two concert spottings does not a relationship make; Drake may just be a big fan of .

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"As the seemingly oblivious 24-year-old noshed on eggs covered in hot sauce with a young blond woman and a dark-haired man, her guards ran around the restaurant yelling at guests who touched their cell phones." And it wasn't like the other patrons were getting up in Swift's face while she was noshing: "Some people didn’t notice she was there until the bodyguards created a scene." Anyway, after thoroughly destroying the breakfast vibes of an entire community, Swift still needed to ruin more lives, so she had her team block off a whole section of public beach so that she could "sun privately." "They were turning people away. That's especially true for Hollywood actors and their Hollywood paychecks.

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